Company Profile

SMART HOME BUDDY SDN BHD was founded in the early 2019 and it is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We have been one of the most diversify smart home retailers in Malaysia. Our wide selection of smart home appliances provides the perfect way to customize your home.

We also offer various kinds of service to our clients which would let them to have an amazing experience with IoT products. SMART HOME BUDDY SDN BHD is also a distributor in Malaysia where we supply smart home products to well-known retail shops.
In SMART HOME BUDDY SDN BHD, we aim to enhance the lifestyle of people in Malaysia. We wanted to create an easier life for you. In addition, while having a smart home system, we wanted to reduce any unwanted energy use. In the age of technology, we believe that houses should be integrated with our smart home products.

Our smart home system enables you to manage all your smart home appliances from one place by using your phone or tablet in our app. The convenience factor here is enormous as you could keep connected your home with your preferred devices.

Welcome to the internet of things. Now you have the full control of your house in just a few taps away. Our smart home provides voice control and app control.

Robbery and other small crimes are very common in this era. As people say, prevention is better than cure. We aim to make your house guarded our products where you could monitor them anywhere anytime.

One of the main points of having a smart home is to save your electricity bill. It is possible by having more precise control over your lighting and air conditioner. Instead of lights turning on all day, the user can optimize it to be turned on when motion is detected, so no energy will be wasted.

By having a smart home, you could customize it to the way you like it. You can have the lights on at a certain time, adjust the brightness or colour as per your choice. Similarly, you can customize a set of commands on whether which appliances should be turned on at a certain time.

Our products and apps not only make your life easier but also increase accessibility to the disabled and the elders. This helps them to live more independently as they can carry on daily tasks with their fingertips or by their voice.